Not Just a Storage Solution

Experience Seamless File Sharing and Storage with DropBox, DropBox Sign, and DropBox DocSend, and More..

DropBox is a cloud-based file sharing and storage platform that offers a simple and efficient way to access your files from anywhere, at any time. With DropBox, you can easily share large files, collaborate with your team, and keep your important documents safe and secure. It integrates with a variety of tools and services, making it the ideal solution for businesses, teams, and individuals who need a reliable and flexible platform for their files. Say goodbye to file versioning, limited storage, and frustrating file sharing experiences, and join the millions of satisfied users who trust DropBox for their file needs.


Advance Teams & Content Controls Toolkit

Enhanced Security and Administrative Capabilities to Dropbox:
Data Protection, Visibility & Auditability, and User Lifecycle Management

Creative Tools

Simplify File Viewing, Facilitate Remote Collaboration, and Allow Flexible Workflow Management

Data Governance

Manage, Secure, Retain, Recover, and Audit Company Data

Extended Version History

Recover Any File You've Deleted or Changed -- For Up To 10-Years

Data Migration

Migrate Files and Associated Permissions from On-Premise File Servers and Existing Cloud Storage Solutions to Dropbox

Premium Support 24/7 Support -- Including 1-Hour Email Response Times -- And Proactive Feature Guidance so you can focus on what Matters

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