A Network of Private Edges


 Application Performance
Your employees are having a poor remote work experience and their applications need ultra-high bandwidth and low latency (5G-Like Services) in order to work – they’re not happy. 
Need Mobility
Applications run slow because they were not DESIGNED for mobility. Your employees expect a FAST direct network connection—not remote access on a wireless connection. 
Compromised Security 
Remote teams in city and new IoT devices have created thousands of new unsecured connections and endpoints for hackers and cyber-thieves to exploit. 
Complex Management 
Your network is becoming more complex and difficult to manage due to closed architectures, new technologies, uncontrolled devices, and remote networks. 
Compliance with Regulations
You need to comply with changing corporate policies, data privacy, and sovereignty laws in order to avoid fines and negative press. 
So, how can your employees work easily with 5G-Like applications in remote locations with HIGH performance and solid security? 
You can explore different Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technologies, such as SD-WAN, SASE, and MEC but those come up short… 
Solves regulatory compliance, network management, and some application performance problems. 
Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)
Solves your security problems. 
Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)
Solves local breakout of data and can handle 3GPP mobility standards.

No Edge APIs
Most MEC companies only provide fixed software with no open programmability.
CBRS & SD WAN with Mobile Edge Computing Difficult Integrations and Closed Architectures
Many SD-WAN, SASE, and MEC vendors have complex integrated products that you cannot easily program or change because they have closed architectures.
Complex Optimizations of Networks
SASE and SD-WAN vendors address fixed network optimizations but not mobile networks (4G LTE, 5G, or CBRS) or remote network optimizations.
SD-WAN and MEC do not address security across the entire network, only in specific environments. But they are expensive and require complicated network connections.
No Mobile Edge Services in City
Most MEC vendors do not have API or services that can handle Edge roaming, mobility, or peering. SD-WAN and SASE are fixed architectures and do not address mobility!
Too Expensive
Most SD-WAN products have expensive hardware components. MEC is typically offered as a hardware platform, not as a SaaS model.
​So, how do you provide 5G-Like Services and address these limitations application performance, mobility, and network management issues while maintaining security and complying with regulations? Perhaps you should consider a NEW approach…
There are three main reasons to consider SD-ME:

  • Improved Application Performance over CBRS Higher Throughput and Lower Latency
  • Edge Software to Build New Applications with CBRS Programing for Connectivity and Computing
  • Management of Your Data and CBRS Network Data Control

Improved Application Performance over CBRS
Higher THroughput and Lower Latency
Applications run at the Edge, so your throughput increases – run more apps with higher performance. Your applications and data flows are served at the Edge lowering round-trip time.
Faster Processing
AI and other high compute applications can run at the Edge versus in the Cloud resulting in faster Edge processing start and completion times.
Offload of Traffic
SD-ME enables you to offload your local traffic at the Edge of the Network over CBRS (instead of the Cloud), reducing transport costs and improving application speeds. Edge Software to Build New Applications with CBRS
Programing for Connectivity and Computing
You can build truly mobile and high performing applications with unique software that leverage shared Edge computing resources and macro/local wireless networks (including CBRS).
Next-Generation Applications
SD-ME’s capabilities enable 5G-like applications, today, without deploying a 5G Network Management of Your Data and CBRS Network
Data Control
You can determine what data/functions are processed at the Edge versus what is implemented at the Cloud, giving you tight control over your applications, network, and security. So, how can you free yourself from expensive service providers and leverage the benefits of SD-ME to easily get 5G-Like services? Perhaps you should free your mobile enterprise network with Alef EdgeNet!…


  • Most diverse and most SD-ME Deployments in the World
  • CEO & Founder was named the “Biggest Individual Contribution to Edge Computing Development Award” at the 2019 Edge Computing Congress
  • Awarded the 2020 Global Edge Optimizing Software Product Line Strategy Leadership Award–by Frost & Sullivan
  • Finalist in the 2020 Leading Lights “Most Innovative Edge Computing Strategy”


  • BEST Edge APIs
  • SIMPLEST and MOST Open Architecture
  • MOST Optimized Edge Network
  • MOST Secure Network and Applications
  • MOST Comprehensive Edge Services

Let's Consider Each of These In Detail BEST Edge APIs with CBRS Alef EdgeNet includes the industry’s first Open APIs for 5G-like services allowing you to take control of your network AND build legendary new applications across any vertical. You can expect 100% Secure Zero Trust Networking, 62% Higher Data Throughput, 48% Increase in Network Efficiency, 2.1x Better Video Resolution, and 1.7x Downloads all through Open APIs. Unlike others, Alef Edge’s APIs are open and interoperable with any access network (3G, LTE, 5G, WiFi), any cloud and any application backend making development extremely easy. Including:

New Edge APIs
Build 5G-Like Applications Today.
Video Enabled API
APIs for every video type enabling you to create private video services for your employees.
Secure Mobile Breadkout
Leveraging Alef’s SD-ME APIs your traffic can be securely offloaded and processed at the nearest Edge site, instead of being sent to the Cloud, creating 5G-like performance and latency.
Using SD-ME APIs you can directly connect to your Cloud Provider (AWS, Azure, SalesForce, etc.) creating super-fast connectivity for your Cloud apps.
Edge Application Services & Platofrm
20+ Edge services on a developer platform for you to enable your developers to create 5G-like applications. 
Simplest and Most Open Architecture (even over CBRS)
​Implementing Alef EdgeNet into your network gives you the most open and interoperable network for 5G-Like Services. Along with standard features such as 3GPP Standards
  ​Compliance, Alef EdgeNet’s architecture provides economic advantages such as a low-cost footprint and automated integration. Examples include:
Network of Private Edge Clouds with CBRS
Alef’s approach to the Edge is unlike any other. With an interconnected network of Private Edge Clouds, enterprises employees can freely move and roam while maintaining a consistent and secure session.
Automated Integration
Alef EdgeNet enables you to automatically integrate the product into your network, WITHIN 15 minutes, lowering costs, speeding up deployments, and making your life easier.
Zero-Touch Provisioning
Alef EdgeNet is installed and integrated automatically onto your Enterprise network so you do not worry about complex installations and integrations.
Edge Roaming Architecture
This architecture allows you to roam into different Enterprise Edge Cloudrise Private Edge Networks giving you the same secure application and network experience as your home Private Edge Network.
Small Footprint
The Alef EdgeNet does not require a large footprint (can be deployed in an existing server) so you can quickly regain your investment and maintain a low total cost of ownership.
3G, 4G, LTE, 5G, CBRS, Wi-Fi Compliant
Alef EdgeNet is up-to-date and compliant with all access network technologies standards enabling you to use any access technology including CBRS.
Application Backend Neutral
The API and Edge Cloud framework is neutral to any application backend. This allows all applications to work with Alef APIs and Edge Cloud. Most Optimized Edge Network (4G, LTE, 5G, CBRS, Wi-Fi)The product includes common features like Optimized global access, Compute, Memory, Graphics and/or I/O, Optimized S-GW and P-GW functionality, and WAN optimization. Key features include:
Cost Optmized Routing
Alef EdgeNet intelligently routes your data leveraging the lowest cost connections at the highest speeds significantly reducing your MPLS or leased line bandwidth costs by up to 81%.
Branch Office Optimization
As you move from office to office, outside of the office or to your home, the connection between your Branch/Micro-Branch Office and the Micro Edge has been optimized for performance and latency.
Optmized User Plane Performance
Alef EdgeNet delivers your data to wherever you are including “the User Plane.” It is optimized so that the right data is delivered to you in the quickest time. Most Secure Network (CBRS) and ApplicationsAlef security services including Self Implement Security Functions, Access Security, Enhanced existing VLAN slicing with 3GPP methods, App aware Routing and Security, and Security Modeling. Most importantly:
Automoate Policy and Security at Scale
You can automate your policies for your Enterprise to easily scale out your security protocols to your entire network and other Branch Offices. Alef provides the MOST security services for you and your Enterprises. The most important feature to consider is
3GPP Security to Enteprise Networks
Alef EdgeNet infuses 3GPP Carrier-Grade Security Into Your Enterprise Network
Zero Trust Security
Alef EdgeNet verifies all connections between your Enterprise, the Micro Edge, and directly to the Cloud so the protocols ensure that all connections are secure and trusted.Most Comprehensive Edge Services with CBRSAlef’s Private Edge has the broadest and most unique Edge Services. Alef provides the BEST application services while offering common features across network services and analytics services. With Alef EdgeNet, you can enjoy the MOST Edge Services with the BEST performance. Including:
​Edge Mobility
You can move in, through, and between your Branch offices through the Alef EdgeNet Networks enabling you to receive consistent application and session experiences.
​Edge Peering
You can directly connect to any Cloud Provider (without complex routing) so you receive the best possible experiences with your Cloud applications.
​Edge Roaming
You can move between macro mobile networks or other Private Edge Networks without complex management allowing you to receive the same application and session experience as your Private Edge Networks.PICTURE THIS:

It's Monday

Your company’s request for 5G Services from your Operator and Old School Hardware Vendors has been ignored once again. Your application developers have been left starved of APIs to program their applications and networks. Your network is slow. Your applications don’t work. Your employees can’t work remotely because their performance is dictated by your Operator and Old School Hardware Vendors. Your boss has told you “Any Means Necessary” to upgrade their network and applications. Nothing is simple.

It's Tuesday

You picked AlefEdge through ICT NETWORK SYSTEMS INC. You’ve upgraded your network in 15 minutes. Your application developers now have new sandboxes to play in. Everyone is confident they can continue working from home. Your employees are no longer tethered to the office – they’re Cloud-Native and able to roam anywhere they want. Your Enterprise no longer needs to go to your Operator or Old School Hardware Vendors for 5G-Like Services. You’ve turned your back on the old way because you found a new way. Buy as you need. Pay as you need. Develop as you need. You’ve Freed Your Enterprise.

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