Lexmark Cloud Services

Reaching beyond just Printers, Scanners, and Fax Machines.
Lexmark Cloud offers Management, Translation Assistant, Scan Management, and Fleet Management.

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Cloud Print Management

This service has been designed to streamline IT Process through Remote Secure Management.

Gain the benefits of around-the-clock cloud server monitoring, automated server security updates and end-to-end document encryption.

Leverage Real Time Analytics for better insight into customer needs so you can optimize service.

Translation Assistant

Translation Assistant Provides real-time document translation service. Lexmark's Multifunction Printer (MFP) can simply Scan Documents in the original language, and output the document into several different languages with in minutes.

Digital Documents can be uploaded through the web portal and be translated, and then sent to print or emailed out in the appropriate language.

Manage Print Services(MPS)

Eliminate IT Burden, with Lexmark Manage Print Service to help Manage, Co-ordinate, and Analyze your printers.

Ensure up-to date firmware and security patches.  Lexmark can monitor and anticipate breaks before they happen, have Just-In-Time delivery of toner and imaging units delivered to you. 

Having this will reduce the support required to be maintained on your Lexmark Multifunction Printers.