Microsoft Surface Warranty & 
Protection Plans

Not All Warranty Plans Are Available For Every Microsoft Product.
Microsoft Terms & Conditions Apply

Standard Warranty

1-Year Validity

  Mechanical Breakdown
  Hardware Exchange

Manufacturers Terms & Conditions Apply

Extended Hardware Service

Up-To: 2, 3, or 4 Years can be purchased
  Mechanical Breakdown
  Advance Exchange

Extended Hardware Service Plus

Up-To: 2, 3, or 4 Years can be purchased
  Mechanical Breakdown
  Next Business Day Replacement
  Drive Retention

Complete For Business

Up-To: 2, 3, or 4 Year can be purchased
  All EHS Benefits
  Accidental Damage Handling

Complete For Business Plus

Up-To: 2, 3, or 4 Year can be purchased
  All EHS Plus Benefits
  Accidental Damage Handling


1. Without prejudice to any legal (statutory) rights to which you may be entitled under your local law, Microsoft Limited Hardware Warranty covers your device for one year from the date of original purchase from Microsoft or an authorized reseller. Restrictions apply. Please refer to Microsoft Limited Hardware Warranty & Agreement.

2. Additional extended coverage for mechanical breakdown and accidental damage from handling is available through the purchase of Microsoft protection plans. If the plan provides additional Mechanical Breakdown coverage, that coverage begins upon expiration of the manufacturer’s original warranty and continues for the remainder of the term shown on the Holder’s Proof of Purchase. Accidental damage from handling begins immediately upon purchase. Restrictions apply, for all Protection Plans, please reference the terms and conditions for the limit of liability and the applicable exclusions of the Protection Plan.

3. Advanced Exchange Service is available at no additional charge with the Microsoft Limited Hardware Warranty for the following business devices: Surface Laptop 2, Surface Laptop 3, Surface Laptop 4, Surface Laptop 5, Surface Laptop Go, Surface Laptop Go 2, Surface Go 2, Surface Go 3, Surface Book 3, Surface Pro 6, Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro 7+, Surface Pro 8, Surface Pro X, Surface Pro 9, and Surface Laptop Studio. Advanced Exchange is only available in supported markets. Restrictions apply. See Surface for Business warranty page for AES terms and conditions and list of supported markets.

4. Next Business Day Replacement claims authorization must be fulfilled prior to the applicable cut-off period to benefit from this service. In addition, the Next Day Business Replacement service is only valid from Monday through Friday, excluding standard public holidays.

5. Next Business Day service is available for Surface Duo 2 only. Restrictions apply. See Surface for Business warranty page and next business day terms and conditions of supported markets.

6. Drive (SSD) Retention is only available on Microsoft Surface devices in which the SSD is marketed as removable per the Technical Specifications sheet on the Product Description Page. SSD is only removable by skilled technicians following Microsoft’s instructions. Microsoft is not liable for any damage sustained. Further, any resulting damage will not be covered under the Microsoft Limited Hardware warranty or Protection Plans.

7. With your purchase of a Surface device or any of the Microsoft protection plans, you also receive telephone support at no additional cost during local business hours.

Footnotes In AB & BC: coverage is provided and administered by Microsoft Corporation. In all other provinces and territories, coverage is provided by Northcoast Solutions of Canada, ULC, 2200 HSBC Building, 885 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 3E8 and administered by Microsoft. Northcoast Solutions of Canada, ULC is not affiliated with any manufacturer. For notice concerning the Quebec legal warranty visit


  • Microsoft Protection Plans must be purchased for the device within 45 days of the original device purchase.
  • For all Protection Plans, please reference the T&Cs for the limit of liability and the applicable exclusions of the Protection Plan.
  • Microsoft Extended Hardware Service, Microsoft Extended Hardware Service Plus, Microsoft Complete for Business, and Microsoft Complete for Business Plus – These Protection Plans are classified as a service contract per local regulations.

Standard CANADA Obligor/Administrator disclosure block statement: “This information is provided for summary purposes only. Terms and conditions apply; visit here to review the Extended Hardware Service, Extended Hardware Service Plus, Complete for Business, and Complete for Business Plus service contract for full details regarding how coverage works.”
Visit Microsoft Warranty Terms and Conditions Here for more details.

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